Monday, July 23, 2007

How to make the most of a Monday....

Go to a concert... We're going to go see The Police tonight!

Lucky me - 2 concerts 1 week apart.

Tonight should be fun - there's a whole bunch of us going. Morris & his "Hot Date", Zoran & Noreen, Margie & her Husband, and I think maybe 1 or 2 more people.
We'll start on a patio for drinks & dinner and then head to the ACC for the show - woohoo!

This weekend was great. Mark, The Dogs & I headed up to my friend (old boss) Lewis's cottage in Burnt River. It's on 4-mile lake (near Fenlon Falls). We really had a lovely time. Lewis & Dale are wonderful hosts and have a beautiful place. It was hard to leave!

(photos to follow)

After we left the cottage, we headed for Lindsay to pay Mark's Mom a visit. It was nice to see her, and Mark's sister Laura too. While we were there, Mark's Mom, Ruth, pulled out some old photos of Mark. Ha ha ha - Mark with a Mullet!!! (I'll see if I can sneak one of the photos & scan it & post it here - tee hee) I haven't really seen many pictures of Mark when he was younger - he was soo cute! Not that he isn't now.. he's still HOT! He's so funny - almost in defense of his mullet he said "Bono had a mullet you know"....

We left Ruth's & hit the Kawartha Dairy for some ice-cream (it's the bomb) & I stocked up on chocolate milk. Kawartha Dairy's chocolate milk is THE BEST EVER. You can't get in in TO, so I bought 4 litres! YUM!

We came home & dropped the dogs off. We then headed out for Oakville. Mark decided to take me on a trip to see where he grew up. That was pretty cool. I got to see where he lived, went to school, where he worked, etc.. I can now put a location to a lot of the stories he's told me about when he was younger.

Now- I just need to get through the rest of this working day.. I am really looking forward to tonight.

Till next time....

“Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So... get on your way.”

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