Friday, March 09, 2007


I know - It’s been months since I last posted… but… boy-o-boy I have A LOT to blog about.

Where should I begin?

I guess I should start where I left off….

December 3, 2006

Hawaii bound!

Part 1

Uncle Morris met me at my place & we took the Airport Express bus together to meet up with Zoran at the airport to catch our flight to Vancouver. All went well - we even had enough time for a cocktail before the flight! We arrived in Vancouver with enough time to go to the duty free and catch our connecting flight to Hawaii – or so we thought.

We got to US customs and I was first in line – no waiting – perfect. Then I realized that we had passed the duty-free on our way to customs & missed it. I asked if I could go back and the customs officer said “No – I’m sorry – once you are in the system I can’t let you back through”. Shit! I really wanted to get some perfume! He said that since Morris & Zoran hadn’t gone through yet – they could go, but not me. I batted my eyelashes and smiled my best smile at the officer, and he said “ Since you are so nice, I’ll let you back through – but be quick!”, I thanked him profusely, and we ran back to the duty free. I purchased my perfume, and I thought we were done. But noooo – these freaking new security restrictions about carry-on luggage had the Girls that worked there all up in a tizzy. They were certain I couldn’t take it with me – and I assured them I could – I had read all the restrictions before I left & knew that as long as it’s 100ml or less – I can carry it on. They insisted I put it in a Zip-lock bag as per the restrictions & took what seemed like forever getting one.
Meanwhile, it’s getting closer & closer to departure time. Tick.. tick.. tick…
Finally, we finish up there, and breeze back through customs, and get to security. No problem – right? D’oh! It turns out we didn’t have boarding passes. We should have got them in Toronto, but didn’t. Luckily the security officer made a call, and after a painful 10 minute wait someone from Air Canada showed up with our passes – and a tonne of attitude – Whatever!
We get in line at security and I looked at my watch – OMG! We only had 15 minutes until our flight left. YIKES! I asked security if we were going to make it through in time and he said “No problem!”. No problem my ass! Security decided they had to go through my bag of toiletries one item at a time. Never mind I had followed all the rules, and had everything out for them to see…. At this pint it was 5 minutes to departure, and I said – Just take everything – I don’t care – I’m going to miss my flight! Finally – they finished, I tossed everything back in my bag, and then we RAN! OMG – I can’t ever remember running so hard in all my life!
We ran to the gate as fast as we could - we are completely winded, our chests are heaving – I can barely speak - I handed the girl at the counter our boarding passes and she said (full of attitude) “I’m sorry the flight is closed.’ I said “Oh no – really? We got here as fast as we could!”(which is totally obvious because we are all completely out of breath). She was all huffy – and with a little begging from me – decided to “let us on”. So we got on - of course we get stares and glares from all the passengers we pass on our way to our seats, but really - I couldn't give a rat’s ass - We’re going to Hawaii! Woohoo!

Cocktail please!