Thursday, April 19, 2007

A proposal....

I know, I know. This is ridiculously overdue.....

Hawaii - Part 2

So we finally arrived safe & sound in the beautiful island paradise of Oahu, Hawaii. Isn't it great when you take that first step off the plane after departing from a frigid cold environment and feel that wonderful warm rush of tropical air hit your skin? Isn't that the best? Ahhh... that's one of my favourite things. We grabbed a cab, opted for windows rolled down rather than the air conditioning, the and headed for the Aston Honolulu Prince.

We were all so excited - just like kids at Christmas. I was particularly excited 'cause I was going to get to see Mark and plant a big kiss on him!

We arrived, and Mark greeted us with Leis & champagne - it was wonderful! I missed him so much! He had arrived ahead of us & managed to stock the fridge and the bar so everything was ready and waiting for us. Isn't he the best?! We settled in - sort-of.. well actually we just dumped our bags in our rooms & went out on the lanai to have more champagne & cocktails - didn't even change out of our travel clothes!

It was so nice, relaxing on the lanai, getting caught up, trading stories about all the U2 shows we had all been to - comparing notes on our "best shows" etc. So we're all chatting away, Mark got up and went inside to replenish his glass of wine, or so I figured. Well next thing you know, He comes back onto the lanai with a little box. He gave me the box, waited for me to open it, and then got down on bended knee and asked me if I would marry Him!!! OMG - I was sooo surprised! it was all a little overwhelming - my emotions got the better of me - at first all I could do was nod my head... of course I said YES!! I was crying, Zoran was crying, Morris might have had something in his eye, and even Mark had a few tears.... Mark had Zoran capture the whole thing on camera! Oh what a night!

You know what? Saying "Yes" was one of the easiest decisions I've ever had to make! I'm a lucky Girl!

Here's the happy "Best Men":